Wellness treatments

A holiday for body and mind!

Explore the wide variety of very effective relaxation, beauty and wellness treatments that await you in our Panorama Alpin Beauty & Spa. You'll be in good hands, thanks to our traditional spa expertise and experience. Allow yourself to be pampered with treatments that can be combined over and over in different ways – with guaranteed good results.


Reserve your special spa moments in our Panorama Alpin hotel directly when you book your holiday!


Application for one person
90 Minutes€ 99,00
Pair application
110 Minutes€ 119,00

Massages - Classic or with oil

Full body massage

Back / Legs / Arms

50 Minutes€ 59,00
Partial massage

as desired, back, legs, arms or head

25 Minutes€ 29,00

Face or body part

25 Minutes€ 29,00

Body completely

50 Minutes€ 59,00
Foot reflexology massage with foot bath
50 Minutes€ 59,00
Foot reflexology massage with foot bath
25 Minutes€ 29,00
Warm aroma oil massage
25 Minutes€ 31,00
Warm aroma oil massage
50 Minutes€ 61,00
Warm aroma oil massage
80 Minutes€ 91,00

Hand & Foot - Beauty Treatments


Nails shortening, shaping, cuticle and nail care, hand massage

50 minutes€ 30,00

Foot bath, shortening of nails, cuticle, nail and cornea care, foot massage

50 minutes€ 39,00

Lacquer for finger or toenail care

10 minutes€ 7,00
Hand or Foot scrub
10 minutes€ 19,00
Hand or foot treatment
20 minutes€ 29,00

Make – Up

Day make–up
20 minutes€ 15,00
Evening make–up
50 minutes€ 19,00

Hair removal

Face total
10 minutes€ 19,00
Upper llp or chin
10 minutes€ 9,00
Armpits both sides
10 minutes€ 15,00
Lower or upper arms both sides
20 minutes€ 29,00
Chest or back
20 minutes€ 29,00
Upper or lower leg both sides
20 minutes€ 29,00
Legs total
50 minutes€ 49,00

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Eyebrow shaping
10 minutes€ 9,00
Eyebrow tinting
10 minutes€ 12,00
Eyelash tinting
10 minutes€ 12,00

Body peeling

Body peeling

Oil salt or soap brush foam followed by a body treatment

50 minutes€ 69,00

Facial treatment for him & her


Cleansing, peeling, massage, mask, final care

50 minutes€ 69,00

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, mask, final care

80 minutes€ 99,00
Classic “with tinting”

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, massage, mask, final care

110 minutes€ 129,00


Spa Etiquette

Please inform our specialists regarding your state of health (diabetics, hemophiliacs, pregnancy, therapy, etc.). Feel free to attend your treatments in the provided bath robe and slippers. Please leave your valuables (jewelry, watches, mobile phone, cash, etc.) placed in the provided safe in your room 

Cancellation Fees
  • In case you don’t show up to booked treatments, they will arrive as follows:
  • Without cancellation 100%
  • Cancellation up to 24 hours before the appointment 50%
Billing - Treatment, Product

Exclusively via room bill, no cash. 


Bookable in advance: info@panorama-alpin.at