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In the moment for the future

Because we love the uniqueness of our environment and are very much aware that we're only borrowing nature from our children, responsible sustainability plays a special role in our establishment.

In short, this is expressed as follows:

  • We inspire ourselves, our employees and guests in equal measure to maintain and protect the climate and environment.
  • Our employees are instructed to actively encourage our guests to participate – warmly, politely but persuasively, for example with regard to changing towels and bed linen or room cleaning. Because you and we have been fortunate enough to experience this moment.
  • All toiletries and shower gels are skin-friendly and pH-neutral.
  • Our entire hotel, including your room are cleaned using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • We prefer to use bulk products and refill them into smaller containers.
  • We change towels and bed linen only every second day – unless you expressly request that this is done daily.
  • You, too, can save resources, for example when you request room cleaning only on every second day – you can leave your instructions to this effect on your room door. Your moment ;-)
  • We regularly clean and service all technical equipment in the hotel: Dusty cooling grooves on radiators, porous, cracked seals in the minibar, refrigeration or freezer units, or dirty condensers can lead to high energy consumption. We're on constant look out for these.
  • Cleanliness and ease of operation in all technical systems by means of servicing and maintenance are a priority for us.
  • We source our food products from local suppliers.
  • We enjoy taking advantage of the seasonal variations and design our menus according to availability.
  • Our employees are mostly locals from the area and from the valley.
  • We live up to our social, social-political and economic responsibility in a valley in which development simply moves at a slightly slower pace.
  • Even though we're fortunate to have ample water running down to us from the peaks, we have installed water-saving shower heads and aerators at the washbasins.
  • Our heating systems are run exclusively on pellets.
  • Our electricity is generated exclusively by hydropower.
  • Thanks to LED lamps, we save an average of up to 27% of our energy costs.
  • Intelligent room controls automatically regulate a comfortable room temperature (Smart Home/Home Matic). By choosing to ventilate responsibly, you can make an active contribution to the preservation of resources as a guest at our hotel.
  • We have implemented a modern waste separation and recycling system.
  • Food waste is collected by specialist waste mangers and transformed into environmentally-friendly energy in a biogas facility.
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